Volker Knapp

Consultant bei WealthLab

Volker Knapp (* 1963, high school 1982, Germany), A Hockey national player for Germany and Hockey coach for the national team of Malaysia, Entrepreneur, Investor, father and husband.

  • He won several German championship titles
  • He also won several European and world cup title with the German national team.
  • In 1982 participating and winning the juniors world cup in Malaysia is one major event in his life. It was not only winning the title but finding his love and passion for Malaysia and the people of Malaysia which started then.
  • In 1994 (just tuning 31) he became the youngest coach leading a hockey national team. He remained as a coach until 1998 and is considered the most successful foreign coach in Malaysia until today (2022).
  • ·In 1996 he took the men’s national team to the Atlanta Olympics 
  • In 1998 he took the team to the World Cup in Holland
  • After his career as hockey player and national coach he pursued his passion for trading in the financial markets.
  • In the early 2000 he partnered up with his friend Dion Kurczek (whom he calls a genius) to promote Wealth-Lab to an international audience.
  • During this time he also became the president of the German Market Technician Acssociation for two years (called VTAD in Germany).
  • In a very short period of time they made WealthLab one of the top three financial market analysis software and were able to sell it to Fidelity Investment at an undisclosed amount in 2004.
  • Since then he was travelling the world, supporting the promotion and development of WL on a pro bono basis and educating (hedge) fund managers, traders and analysts about the quantitative art of technical analysis.
  • In 2010 and 2011 he became father of two wonderful boys, which he calls his 2 wunderkinder ( According to him they are the love of his live.
  • Since  beginning of 2020 WealthLab became independent again. Consequently he, Dion Kurczek and the old team are working on establishing WealthLab again to the international audience.