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10:00 IST

Lower the Risk - Higher the Returns

  1. Wealth Creation Ideas
  2. Ideal Hedging Techniques for Long Term Portfolio
  3. How and When to Leverage
CA Govind Jhawar /Founder & CEO - Finideas
11:50 IST

How to Trade Momentum Stocks Intraday

  1. How to Scan for Momentum Stocks
  2. How to Execute High Probability Option Trades 
  3. How to Trail SL and Manage Risk
Sourabh Sisodiya /Co-Founder at Quantify Capital
13:00 IST

Four Pillars for Generating All-weather Returns :

  1. Leverage
  2. Diversification
  3. Non correlation
  4. Hedge
Rakesh Pujara /Founder & Managing Partner - Compounding Wealth Advisors LLP
14:00 IST

Lunch and Networking

15:00 IST

Panel Discussion - Algo Trading Execution Challenges - Reel World Vs Real World

Panel Discussion

Ashish Nanda, Praveen Gupta
16:10 IST

Tea and Networking

16:30 IST

How to Create Algos for Momentum-based investing

  1. Understanding the Stocks Selection Process
  2. Using Fundamental Rules for Universe Selection
  3. Technical Tools to Identify Entry and Exit in Momentum Stocks
  4. Money Management Mechanics
  5. Position Sizing Techniques
Ankush Bajaj /Founder Director of ALFA FinEduCon Pvt. Ltd.
18:00 IST

Execution - Key to Algorithmic Trading

  1. Importance of Execution in Trading
  2. Effect of Impact Cost on System Returns
  3. Type of Execution Algorithms
  4. Trading Large Capital
  5. Developing a Robust Execution System
Mr Tanmay Kurtkoti /QC Alpha Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
19:10 IST

Equanimous Trading | Mastering Your Emotions For A More Profitable Trading Experience

  1. The Failure Rate in Trading
  2. Why Market Edge and Trading Psychology Edge go Hand in Hand
  3. What are Thoughts and Emotions, and How to Deal with Them
  4. A Simple Practice to Develop Emotional Maturity
  5. A Simple Tool to Help you Monitor your Emotions while Trading
Yvan Byeajee /Professional trader, trading psychology educator
20:20 IST

Capturing fast Option moves at opening bell

  1. Setting the view for the market in the opening bell
  2. Finding chained moves in sectors
  3. Identifying stocks for fast moves
  4. Validating Derivatives data before a trade
  5. Riding the move with Order Book Data
Shubham Agarwal CFA, CMT, CQF, CFTe /CEO, Quantsapp
21:30 IST

Dinner and Networking

09:00 IST

LFT Versus HFT in the World of Automation

  1. LFT & HFT Strategy Paradigms: Definition & Difference
  2. When and What of an HFT Setup
  3. How to Decide on Which Paradigm to Pick?
  4. Risks & Path Ahead
Nitesh Khandelwal /CEO & Co-Founder at QuantInsti, Partner & Co-founder at iRage
10:30 IST

The Terminator Strategy (TTS)

  1. The Hypothesis of Building a Strategy
  2. We will Start with Famous Time Based Option Selling Strategy 
  3. We will look to Maximize the Return on the Existing Strategy
  4. Low Correlation to Existing Strategy
Vishal Mehta /Full-time independent trader and Co-Chair for CMT Mumbai Chapter
11:40 IST

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Atul Suri /CEO, Marathon Trends Advisory Pvt Ltd
12:50 IST

Panel Discussion

14:00 IST

Lunch and Networking

14:30 IST

Momentum Investing

1. Overview of the Different Kinds of Momentum
     Time Series
2. Overview of Academic Evidence
3. Historical Results for Different Types of Momentum

Bruce Vanstone /PhD (Computational Finance)
16:20 IST

A structured learning pathway to systematic trading (First Principles)

1) Level 1: Understanding Definitions of key trading first principles
2) Level 2: Applying first principles to the building blocks of trading systems
3) Level 3: Integrating tools to design trading system and risk management rules

Joel Pannikot /Asia Pacific Head of the CMT Association
16:30 IST

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