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Puneet Tewani
Proprietary Trader & Founder, Fox Trading Solutions

Puneet Tewani is a full-time algorithmic trader. He has deployed several strategies over co-located infrastructure. He is also the founder of Fox Trading Solutions, which specialises in building cutting-edge low latency solutions for HNI clients as well as brokers.

He is a former bureaucrat, who had a keen interest in trading since his school days. He has been trading in markets for the past 10 years and primarily trades in the F&O space. He was featured on Moneycontrol and shared his journey as a trader which can be read here: https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/markets/guruspeak-puneet-tewani-is-an-algo-trader-who-deploys-nearly-20-intra-day-strategies-and-believes-cutting-losses-to-protect-profits-is-very-important-6963221.html