What is the Algo Convention all about?

A platform for Traders and Investors to Learn Algorithmic Trading, Systematic Trading, Quantitative Trading and Machine Learning, understanding difference between Discretionary and Systematic Trading. Algo Convention provides opportunity to learn from the market wizards and experts specialized in Algorithmic trading & Quantitative analysis.

It also serves as a platform for brokers and trading platform providers to understand the current trends and preferences of algo trading participants.

It provides a window for learners and enthusiasts to decide on future course of their learning curve and which areas to focus on.

What is the Agenda of this Webinar?

This event will help in building New Ideas, Improvising Strategies, Sharpening Money Management Skills and also provides exposure to Fund Management, Quantitative Analysis and HFT

What is the Duration of Event?

This event will be held for 3-days and will be for 7-hours per day.

Who should attend the webinar?

This is for the people who are interested in learning and understanding the concept of Rule-Based Algorithmic Trading, Quantitative Analysis, System Trading and Model Building.

Is this webinar for Non- Programmer background people as well?

Yes, this webinar can be attended by non-programmers. Algo Convention is not a coding workshop. Speakers share their knowledge in various topics like Position Sizing, Risk Management and Trading Psychology. They also get to know about new concepts in Algo Trading, Quantitative Trading and Data Science.

How do I interact with the Speaker?

Participants can interact with speaker live interaction after presentation if time permits or via other source which speaker wish to provides.

If I am unavailable on the days of webinar? Where can I find webinar post the event?

Every participant will be given a recording of all the sessions post webinar for period of 1 months, subject to approval of the speaker. We may need about 1 week to compile and edit all the videos and upload them on the website.

Will Presentation of Speaker be shared?

We will be sharing all the presentations, subject to approval of the speaker.

Registrations are open till when? Will Late Registration be allowed?

Registrations will be open till 30th September 2020. Late Registrations may be allowed subject to availability.

Is this Webinar only Country bound?

The Webinar is available across the globe as we have many international participants and payment in U.S. Dollars will open Shortly for international participants.